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Crime is ever-changing in our communities. For law enforcement K9 teams to effectively manage that crime to protect us, they must also change with the times. Unfortunately, in many cases, financial budgets are extremely limited, especially in the K9 departments. As a result, handlers and their K9s often lack advanced training and exposure to potential threats, until actually facing them, lack the proper equipment needed to best perform their duties, and, even worse, lack the funding for premier veterinarian care in the event of sustained injuries, resulting in untimely K9 lives lost. With your partnership through donations, Irondog K9 International identifies K9s and their departments to provide for their needs in these 3 key areas.

training & education

Anthony Douglas Williams wrote: “Knowledge comes from learning. Wisdom comes from living.” We believe in a multifaceted approach for K9 team training and education. Irondog K9 International supports conferences which offer the opportunity to share in the knowledge of nationally and internationally recognized industry leaders, while our support in seminars enables the teams to transition that knowledge into wisdom through real-life application. Areas of focus may include scent recognition, integrated team training, live gunfire, K9 medical/ trauma care, K9 patrol tactics, tracking, etc. 

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Having the right equipment to do the job is integral in any profession. K9 law enforcement is no different! Harnesses, leashes, leads, flat collars, E-collars, and K9 ballistic protection vests are just a few of the items you may think of that Irondog K9 International has donated over the years. We have also contributed other training aids you may not have considered, like obstacle courses, training suits and sleeves, and scent detection kits. However, our now most requested item is the K9 and Handler FAK (First Aid Kit), comparable to the ones used by the military, featuring life-saving best-in-class field-proven emergency components, in weather-proof vacuum-sealed and compact packaging.

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veterinarian bills

Being a K9 in law enforcement is exciting, but no less hazardous than the role played by their human counterpart. In fact, sometimes it is more so and presents with its own set of dangers. Law enforcement K9s search for drugs, money and explosives, locate missing people, find crime scene evidence, apprehend suspects targeted by the police, and protect their handler. Even though penalties continue to grow steeper for harming these fearless K9s, criminals are ruthless! We believe funding on-duty injury veterinarian bills for these courageous K9s so they receive the best medical care is a small price to pay for their daily sacrifice in the streets protecting our neighborhoods. Gun shot and stab wounds, ACL strains, porcupine quill removal and rattlesnake bites are just some of the injuries subsidized by Irondog K9 International through generous supporters like you. 

k9 chance's story

California’s Anderson Police Department K9 Chance was shot in the ear while chasing down a suspect who had just stolen a car, but he didn’t let that stop him.  He still protected his handler, tackled the suspect, and allowed officers to cuff and arrest the criminal.  As soon as the news hit the airways, we called his department and told them we’d cover the cost of his emergency surgery.  Today, Chance is fully healed and back to doing what he does best: Protecting us!

K9 Chance’s handler, Tyler Finch, sent us this message:

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