the beginning of
irondog k9 international

I’ve been around dogs for as long as I can remember. In fact, my first dog, Bebo, taught me how to walk. Over the years I’ve trained duck hunting dogs and worked as a deer hunting guide with my tracking dog, served in the United States Navy until I was honorably discharged as a disabled veteran, and owned and worked in a variety of other businesses, with a few bumps and bruises along the way. Even my wife, Mitzi, came with two dogs when we married, back in 2002. Somehow, dogs have always been a part of my life. I eventually got certified as a dog handler and trainer, but health issues would redirect my path. I KNEW I wanted to make an eternal impact. That’s how Irondog K9 International came about! It was established in 2015 to provide for the needs of law enforcement K9s and their handlers to successfully perform their duties. Because of you, and many selfless others, we have been able to provide for countless K9 teams over the years to bring them safely home to their families.  Thank you for caring enough to partner with us. 

charlie &
Mitzi nash



I’m a retired law enforcement K9 officer, but I quickly became bored. So, when Charlie and I became partners, we went into explosive detection work together, where we have spent the last several years, and met some amazing people. I enjoy working to protect folks, especially Charlie. In fact, most will tell you I am pretty personable! As I prepare to retire once again, a lot of my K9 friends will still be working to protect their handlers, AND YOU.  We live to excel at our job but don’t always have what we need to make that happen. Irondog K9 International strives to equip, protect and train law enforcement K9 teams and I am proud to represent them.